All You Need to Know About Shungite

There are many minerals around you. Some are familiar and some are the ones that you might never hear before. One of the minerals that you seldom hear about is shungite. It is this carbon mineral that can be found in Russia. It is in Karelia where there is a small town known as Shunga. This is town is near Lake Onega. This is the place where scientists believed an asteroid needed over 2 billion years ago. These experts do believe that shungite came from this asteroid. The place where the asteroid landed created a lake bed. It s here where some people bathe due to the healing powers that the water has. It was Russian Czar Peter in the 1800s that noticed the healing powers that the water has. For more details about shungite view here.

Due to the healing abilities of shungite, he made structures around the area making it into a spa. He also made his soldiers carry shungite water with them even in battle to keep them in healthy shape. Soldiers that have taken the water have shown faster healing compared to their enemies that also have the same injuries. It is also these soldiers that have remained disease-free during and after the battle.

Shungite is basically a carbon mineral that looks like a black rock. These risks contain fullerenes. It is only this substance that contains this one. It is the fullerenes that have shown a number of different benefits. One of the known advantages of fullerenes is that it can help purify water. This one is also effective in blocking EMF's. it is this one that is common in most devices that we have today like WiFi, our cellphones, televisions, and all electrical outlets like microwaves.

There are many scientific evidence to be able to support the healing powers that shungite has. There are also many people wearing shungite. This is common for people that have cancer and other health conditions like diabetes, pain relief, high blood pressure, arthritis, schizophrenia, poor blood circulation and many more. Shungite is also known to enhance mood. It can also help an individual attract blessings and accelerate the achievement of goals. This is possible since it is able to ground the first chakra. This makes an individual focus better.  Click on this page to find more details about shungite.

If you take a look at shungite then there are three basic forms. One type is the Elite or Noble shungite. It is this one that has carbon fullerenes around 90-95%. You also can find silver and black shungite. They also contain their own quantities of fullerenes. If you are after the healing power of shungite then you should choose the Elite or Noble type.

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